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What is an Interchart?

An Interchart is an interaction chart, or inter-communication chart. An Interchart tells you exactly how the people within your organization interact with each other. You can think of an Interchart as an organization chart. But it is a true organization chart, not a fantasy. An Interchart identifies the key communicators in your organization. Take a quick look at our slideshow to see what we're talking about.

What does an Interchart look like?

A few example Intercharts are shown in the Interchart examples section. Take a look - a picture is worth a thousand words.

Who needs an Interchart?

If you are a management consultant, or a manager responsible for more than a few people, you need to know who are the most influential and key people in your organization. An Interchart will tell you this, at a glance.

Where do I get an Interchart?

Send us an email describing your organization and your contact details, and we will get back to you promptly with information on how you can have an Interchart prepared for your department, or the whole organization.

Management Consultants & Organization Consultants:

Email us to find out how you can offer this unique and supremely effective tool to your clients. We specialize in preparing Intercharts for management consultants, for presentation to your clients. This can be a tremendous differentiator for your consultancy business. Contact us now!

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