Example Intercharts

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Here is an Interchart for a department of 10 people, at a single geographic location:


Analysis of the Interchart:

  • Huey Williams (top center, in red) is the key communicator in the group - he has the most links associated with him. He is probably the manager of the group. If not, he might be a good candidate for manager.
  • Are Daisy Caldonia and Huey Anderson (top left and middle right, in purple) being used in the most effective manner? In terms of their communication paths, they are acting as go-betweens for Froggie Noble/Nancy McWhirter and Fred Smith/Huey Williams. But both of those pairs of people also communicate directly with each other. It may be that these two groups of three people are working as small teams, and so those interactions need to be investigated more closely.
  • Three people in the group may be feeling "left out", or "out of the loop". Those three people are Daisy Caldonia, Fred Adams, and Huey Anderson. If any of those three people are considered key people, because of their skills or knowledge, management should take care to listen carefully to their concerns and problems. They are less likely than the other members of the group to feel part of the team. However, they are not completely isolated in the Interchart, so are not likely to be a critical problem right now.
  • The overall structure of the group indicates good cross-communication. It is unlikely that this group suffers from problems arising from misunderstandings of purpose and function of operations. This group of people probably functions very well together.

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